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I'm your host, Manja Horner. This is Your Greatest Work Podcast, the show for course creators who want to become the recognized expert in their field. You will find this podcast helpful if you know that your course or program is good, but you want to figure out how to fine tune it to be your greatest work! In every episode, I'll bring you insider information experiences from the best learning strategists, trainers and designers in the world. With some tweaks and smart design and program delivery, you can have better completion rates, more referrals and be proud of your business legacy.

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  1. Create More Finishable Courses

    What are your course completion rates? Only 15% of people complete the courses that they buy. So, why do we blame the learner when our courses are purchased but not finished? It's not our learner's fault. There's a lot that we can do to encourage people to not only buy, ...