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I'm your host, Manja Horner. This is Your Greatest Work Podcast, the show for course creators who want to become the recognized expert in their field. You will find this podcast helpful if you know that your course or program is good, but you want to figure out how to fine tune it to be your greatest work! In every episode, I'll bring you insider information experiences from the best learning strategists, trainers and designers in the world. With some tweaks and smart design and program delivery, you can have better completion rates, more referrals and be proud of your business legacy.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Learning Experiences with Empathy

    Learning Experiences with Empathy Manja interview Vince Grabowski on the ins and outs of digital learning, new methodologies, and learning experience with empathy. This episode is engaging and well-worth listening to! ... Learning digitally can feel disconnected, slow, or even annoying — and no we're not talking about the wifi. Done poorly, digital ...


  2. How to Make DEI Training Work

    In Episode 15 of Your Greatest Work, Manja talks with Belinda and Calvin about supporting diversity and inclusion in course creation. You won't want to miss this incredibly useful episode. ... Diversity, equity, and inclusion are incredibly important topics that require incredibly hard conversations. For many people, those conversations are emotionally packed, ...


  3. Negotiation and Virtual Sales Training

    In Episode 14 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Josh talk about the nuances of virtual negotiation and sales. ... So you have a course. It's refined, tweaked, tested, and it's your greatest work. Amazing. Wonderful. Exciting! But now you need learners. What's a course without learners? And how do you attract learners for ...


  4. Help Adults Measure Learning Progress

    In episode 13 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Deborah talk in-depth about strategies for effectively teaching adults. ... Teaching is hard. Whether you're teaching English to a classroom of children, teaching violin to just one teenager, or teaching practical skills to adults in a virtual setting, teaching is difficult. Getting lessons to ...


  5. Creating Professional Course Videos

    In Episode 12 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Amanda talk about strategies for creating professional course videos! ... Many courses involve video components. Why not? Videos can engage your visual and audio senses, make the course seem more personable, and simply mix-up learning activities. There are several styles of learning videos ...