Creating Professional Course Videos

Episode 12 July 06, 2021 00:38:05
Creating Professional Course Videos
Your Greatest Work
Creating Professional Course Videos

Jul 06 2021 | 00:38:05


Show Notes

In Episode 12 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Amanda talk about strategies for creating professional course videos!


Many courses involve video components. Why not? Videos can engage your visual and audio senses, make the course seem more personable, and simply mix-up learning activities. There are several styles of learning videos and today we discuss Amanda's specialty "talking head" format.

Now we've all seen poorly done learning videos — we've all skipped past poorly done learning videos. So how can you avoid this and create effective video content?

Amanda Horvath has loads of experience creating videos and designing courses. Her DIY Video Roadmap is high quality and 5 Star for helping you share professional video thought leadership online. She shares in this episode some top tips on how to create high-quality learning videos.

#1. Always structure your videos

According to Amanda, people often think that they can just sit down in front of a camera and record themselves talking. Well, that sort of winding free-form conversation may work in a podcast, but it's not effective for a learning video.

Instead, intentionally structure your videos. Break a topic into segments or a process into steps, then speak more freely on each of these steps. This gives your audience specific takeaways and makes your videos more consumable.

Something as simple as starting a video by saying "Today we're going to talk about X, Y, and Z" can go a long way toward clearly structuring your content.

#2. Invest in quality audio

Your microphone matters more than your video. You may have the most beautiful-looking video, but if the audience can't hear you properly, they won't find it engaging.

Rather than investing in camera, invest in a microphone first.

#3. Think about your camera presence

If you're recording a talking head video (the sorts of videos where someone just talks to the camera), it's important to think about your camera presence. You want your background to be nice, free-of-clutter, and professional-looking.

But your camera presence also includes, well, you.

Hand gestures, head movement, and shoulder movement all contribute to making you look alive and excited when you're talking. According to Amanda, something as simple as wearing a pair of earrings or lipstick can contribute to a more engaging video.

#4. Consider batch recording

Record multiple videos back to back to back. This will save you time in setting up your equipment and help you get in the flow of recording. Afterward, you can also edit in batches or you can outsource your editing.

... and these top tips are just scratching the surface! In this week's episode of Your Greatest Work, Amanda talks extensively about software she recommends, pairing videos with supplemental materials, and advice for outsourcing editing.

Tune in to hear more of Amanda's insights


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